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The Chiefvapers welcome's you to its new found home. We are a Philippines Based Vaping company offering you the best of Filipino Ingenuity with other world class vaping products. Our motto "Alternative Smoking Designs" aims to promote an idea to slowly kick the habit. We at Chiefvapers understands that the road into quitting smoking is a process and we are offering the best in quality designs in the vaping community with an affordable price. We hope that we will be able to help those of you to finally kick the habit of smoking carcinogenics found in a stick of a cigarette by isolating the addictive properties of analogs, Nicotine. By Gradually reducing Nicotine intake, the body may be able to re-allign itself of being self-reliant to its natural enzymes that the carcinogens has replaced. Again we wish everyone a healty vaping experince.

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